The shift towards more analytical and data-driven business has resulted in data visualization becoming extremely prevalent in today’s communications. Audiences are more comfortable and fluent with an increasing number of types of charts, maps, and other visualizations. To communicate effectively, knowing how to successfully visualize data is more important than…

Image of accessible design in airport wayfinding using universal symbols. Easy to read and understand. Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash.

The definition of accessibility is an experience designed for everyone.

This includes me, and you, and also your neighbor, your friend’s dad, your Uber driver, your colleague in a different time zone, your teacher’s student on the opposite side of the planet, and obviously millions more.

As social humans we tend to gravitate to the opinions that surround us, which…

I’ve been keeping busy with a handful of client projects these past few weeks. Notably, the single design challenge all of these projects have had in common is photo quality & selection. A case of bad photos vs. good photos, if you will.

Bad photo? Good photo? Image credit: Brittany Alexis Tomlinson

A poor photo can detract from your…

Splashing in puddles at the pool in the rain. Photo credit: Adam Thornber

I usually write about presentations + design, so this topic is a little different from my normal posts. While I believe it’s really important to have a niche, I also want to write about other things occasionally — motherhood, family, career, etc. I considered creating a second account here on…

Gradients are everywhere, and what used to be a trend is now a classic. In recent history, gradients fell out of style in favor of a modern, flat design aesthetic, but now they are coming back in new ways and are showing up in more places than ever before.

Examples of current gradient styles. Image credit (left to right, top to bottom): Nordstrom/WildFang, Wyze, Cocokind, Reebok, Ann Fulton, TikTok, Sony, Stripe.


Take your presentations from “zero to hero” with this step-by-step tutorial to applying color in presentation design

1. Don’t start from scratch.

Examples of various presentation design templates (available for free in Microsoft PowerPoint)

Get a head start and make it easier on yourself in the long run by starting from a high-quality template. Your presentation template is the structure that defines how color can be used…

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