Improve your PPT skills with these powerful features

Six rules to improve data visualization in your presentations

I promise this will make you smile.

Splashing in puddles at the pool in the rain. Photo credit: Adam Thornber

Handpicked typefaces that go together like PB&J

Up your game with these (easy!) pro moves

Find inspiration for your presentation visuals

Examples of current gradient styles. Image credit (left to right, top to bottom): Nordstrom/WildFang, Wyze, Cocokind, Reebok, Ann Fulton, TikTok, Sony, Stripe.

1. Don’t start from scratch.

Examples of various presentation design templates (available for free in Microsoft PowerPoint)

How I landed it anyway.

Illustration by Alicia Thornber

It was my dream job.

In fact, it…

I left my corporate job to become a freelancer, but wasn’t sure how much to charge.

Simple tips to help your slides shine

Woman giving a presentation to a large audience
Photo by Product School on Unsplash


As a seasoned presentation designer with over 20 years experience, I’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Plenty of ugly. Here are the top five things to avoid when creating presentations, along with some pro tips:

#1: Don’t cram too much stuff onto your slides.

More is not better. The most common mistake is…

Alicia Monique Thornber

PowerPoint nerd. Illustrator/designer. Mom of two. Ex-Microsoftie. Collector of hobbies. Where's my coffee??

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